Be the architect of your dream

EACH man is the architect of his own career and success. In the workshop of your own mind, with positive thoughts as your tools, you may carve the image of that which you want, and the law of attraction will draw you to the outward, physical reflection of that image.

Everyone of us wants to be successful in life. To realise that dream, we must stop thinking of failure. We must stop thinking of poverty and misery; stop thinking of envy and jealousy and all of the other negatives which destroy the foundation stones of positive thoughts.

And, above all, we must stop complaining and railing at fate and blaming others for our own problems in life.

Remember, ” Nothing succeeds like success!” We should then think success and act successful.
One good example is this man who had lost all of his fortune except a hundred dollars. And he spent it all on a new suit.

 When a well-meaning friend reprimanded him for his extravagance and foolishness, he replied: “To you, this may seem like poor judgment, but the suit that I purchased with my last dollar gives me a hundred dollar feeling- a poverty and soon regain all that I have lost.”

And he eventually did just that, with sheer courage and hard work, of course.



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